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IT leaders are faced with shrinking budgets and persistent threats which compel IT teams to spend more time handling day-to-day demands rather than focusing on key business innovations and strategies. In addition, they are tasked to deliver new technologies, add new services, and accelerate more application delivery, while managing complex multi-technology and multi-vendor environments. We deliver solutions and expertise through a full life cycle model of professional, managed, and support services including strategy, consulting, implementation, design, and procurement so that your internal IT staff can focus on specific business outcomes.

Network Monitoring & Support

The challenges of managing the complexities of a modern corporate network grow daily. Businesses find that traditional approaches to network monitoring fail to provide necessary details and real-time understanding required to optimize the network and application performance, while delivering the continuity required. Voice and video, real-time collaboration, cloud-based infrastructures, and mobile computing all increase network complexity and require quick action when problems arise. Texcel Solutions provides an agile multi-vendor network monitoring solution that scales and expands with the needs of your network.

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Data Backup & Recovery

The key purpose in a backup and recovery strategy is to provide security and protect the database from data loss and to reconstruct the database in the event of a data loss. There are many facets to backup and recovery strategies, such as the following: planning and testing responses to different data failures, database construction to enable backup and recovery, determining a backup schedule, data preservation, data transfer, and much more. We will help devise, implement, and manage your strategies for backup and recovery, while ensuring maximum performance, security, and resiliency for your business.

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